Sunshine Seeds Ltd.

Welcome to Sunshine Seeds Ltd.

Sunshine Seeds Ltd. is a producer, processor and marketer of premium quality forage, native, turf and cereal seed located in southern Alberta. We strive to provide customers with seed of the best quality and best value combined with excellent advice because we know that our success depends on your success. Our seed cleaning and warehouse facility is also equipped with seed blending and packaging equipment so that we are able to meet the exact seed requirements of our clients. We carry an extensive inventory of forage, native, reclamation and turf seed on-site so that seed is available when our customers need it. In spring 2011 Sunshine Seeds Ltd. entered the pedigreed cereal seed business. Our cereal seed retail facility provides batch weigh and cereal seed treating capabilities. If you are in the market for hay, pasture, cereal, reclamation or turf seed please call us. Seed is what we do and we would be happy to talk to you about it.


Sunshine Seeds is a family owned and operated seed retailer operating west of Magrath, Alberta. Like many of our customers we are crop and livestock producers who have found and focused on an opportunity in a business we are passionate about. In 2000 we planted 100 acres of meadow bromegrass along Highway 5 west of Magrath for use as irrigated pasture or hay. The next year was very dry and as we were preparing to cut the grass for hay the Manager of Ken Long Seeds pulled in off the highway and told us not to cut it for hay as he wanted to harvest the seed. Our field provided clean seed and soon we were growing Kay orchardgrass for Ken Long Seeds. In early 2006 we were offered the opportunity to buy the business and equipment of Kenneth C. Long Seeds and have never looked back.

Since 2006 we have increased our production and cleaning capacity substantially. We now grow all of the grasses that we use in large volumes and have alfalfa seed produced for us by an excellent western Canadian seed production company. If we need seed types that we don't grow or have production of, we have a small network of elite growers and wholesalers that we source product from based on quality and value. Sometimes you have to pay just a little more to get a seed lot that is vastly superior. There is a saying in the cattle business that "a good bull is 50% of your genetics but a poor quality bull is 100% of your genetics" and we believe that the same advice goes along with seed.