Sunshine Seeds Ltd.

Seed Cleaning

Sunshine Seeds Ltd. specializes in cleaning grass seed and is designated by the Canadian Seed Institute as a Registered Seed Establishment. We are registered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as an Approved Conditioner. Being an Approved Conditioner allows us the right to process, package and label pedigreed seed for sale in Canada. The process of becoming an Approved Conditioner involves training of personnel, a written quality assurance manual and an on-site assessment from a Canadian Seed Institute assessor.

We condition all of our own seed and considerable amounts for other growers and seed companies. Our seed cleaning equipment line-up includes an air-screen scalper, an air-screen cleaner, Carter discs, indents and a gravity table. Seed can be bagged or placed in mini-bulk containers. Following conditioning, samples of all seed lots are sent to an independent lab to be tested for germination and purity. All scales are checked and certified regularly. In addition to cleaning grass seed we can also help you market your production. We have very good working relationships with several major Canadian and US seed companies. Click Here for a list of seed types that we have cleaned.